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About Myself

Hi, I'm Robin. I'm a huge petrolhead since my early childhood and kept that until today. Back in 2014, I bought my first camera with my two first salaries I earned during my apprenticeship. From there on, I tried to consequently improve my skills in photography. I visited a photography crash course for amateurs and got helped by several friends. I know, there's still a lot to learn. I keep practicing to shoot cars and try to get myself further.

I'm proud to write down, that I already had a great amount of shootings, to get myself to a point where I can earn some money for my photography services.

You're interested to let your car get photographed? Awesome, feel free to drop me a message and we will meet up and do something cool together!


After the obligatory school of nine years, I started an apprenticeship as a draftsman specializing in architecture which lasted four years.

In August 2018 I started the general qualification for university entrance focused for technical jobs. I finished the school in summer 2019 successfully. 

Right now, I'm studying architecture at the ZHAW in Winterthur. (Zurich University of Applied Science). My study lasts at least three years to get the "Bachelor of Arts" in architecture.

Let's see, what might happen after that...

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