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Driven: Audi RS6 & RS7

Aktualisiert: 30. Apr. 2021

Audi's top of the line "RS" cars are hitting the streets more often. Time to have a chat about them, right?

Over the past year I drove several Audi RS6s and RS7s. Special thank you to Auto Kauth for giving me the opportunity to shoot various examples of them.

The Audi RS6 is probably one of the most loved, let's say practical cars when asking any petrolheads. It comes with a beasty look, loads of space, luxury and of course endless power. The new RS6 C8 is equipped with a 4.0 liter Bi-Turbo V8 engine with a power output of 600PS (441 kW) on all four wheels. And yes, it has a huge price tag starting at around 150'000 Swiss francs.

Going into details

Now you think it is way overpriced for an Audi A6 with bodykit and a more powerful engine? Well, you're wrong. Deadly wrong.

Audi went all in by developing the new RS6. The only three remaining A6 body parts are the front doors, the roof and the trunk lid! All the other parts have been changed. The headlights are coming from the Audi A7/RS7 and provide a very mean looking face with the squeezed front grill compared to the regular Audi A6. Keep talking about its look, the widened body parts instantly got my attention. The wheel arches seem very muscular and the diffusor at the rear is a true eye-catcher, too. The angular design gives it a sporty and mean look. So mean that mothers try to keep their kids clear and in a save distance to the streets when you're rolling by. You're laughing? Well that exactly happened to me in the RS6.

The RS6 and RS7 are equipped with 22inch wheels. Therefor the Audi Design Department decided to let the wheel arches get bigger. That results that RS6 looks lower because the wheels look more integrated.

Let's hop in and have a seat

Loads of leather, alcantara, aluminum or carbon and three screens are coming to daylight. The RS6 and RS7 are the first Audis that come with the RS1 and RS2 modes. You're now able to configure your own driving settings. For example a comfortable cruising or sporty and stiff setting when you like to hit some curvy backroads.

Recognizable when entering the inside are the two big screens in the center console. The upper one is assigned for driving specifications, navigation (which even pops up on the dash board screen in front of the driver), infotainment systems. And the air-conditioning as well the seat heating s adjustable on the bottom screen. I noticed haptics while setting the AC. The screens give you some impulses comparable like unlocking your smart phone. Something I need to get used to. But it indeed feels valuable. Valuable like the whole interior. Great design, well thought button placements, high quality materials like aluminium, carbon, loads of leather and the optional full alcantara roof.

We don't need to talk about space. There's way enough. Nothing to worry about. The infotainment system is well thought out and works great. The phone Bluetooth connection is quickly done. With Apple car play you're able to play your beloved playlists on journeys or on your way to work.

Speeking of haptics and similar stuff: The RS6, as well the RS7 has a electric door opener. The doors don't open mechanically like they used to before. If you pull the door handle quickly to get out fast... you won't be able to leave the inside. Yeah, you've read correctly. If you want to leave the car pretty fast, the door opener won't be ready to unleash the locking mode quick enough.

Quick exit not because you feel uncomfortable. I felt truly at home during my drives with the RS6 and RS7.

Let's hit the roads

The RS6 is like the 911 Turbo compared to sports cars in it's own segment. A highly loved car which needs to be competitive in any imaginable way. Buyers couldn't be more different. Mid-age sports men, parents, businessmen and so on. The car needs to tick all boxes when it comes to driving styles. At least buyers expect that for sure.

The adaptive air suspension works very well. It spreads it's capabilities from being very comfortable and soft to very stiff and sporty. The all wheel steering option is a must-buy! The huge car feels lighter, more nimble and precise in corners. And eventually easier to park. Only the converter transmission felt a bit slow in sport mode. It is still highly acceptable. We still need to keep in mind that the RS6 is an estate car.

When it comes to street presence the car is a true eye-catcher. Mostly men recognize it. Some thumbs up archived as well. Women didn't felt that amused about like mentioned at the beginning of my review.

All in all a very great cruiser which is able to unleash it's power if you want or need it. Very sporty, but still elegant looking depending how you spec it.

And before we come to the end I need to loose some words about the engine sound. The DNA of a powerful V8 is absolutely recognizable. The volume feels right. Not to loud, either too silent. I prefer comfort mode in cities. Right then, it feels like an understated machine gun in resting mode, ready to shoot everything on country roads in dynamic mode. A great bandwidth between any kind of surrounding. And that's exactly what the RS6 and RS7 are standing for.

Now it is up to you which one you like the most. Actually i'm tending to like the RS7 a glimpse more because of it's rear end and the more flowing roof line. In my mind definitely better looking compared to the competitors M6 Gran Coupé from BMW or GT63s 4 door from Mercedes-AMG. But that's just my own opinion.

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